Flex Light 2
Flex Light 2

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Flex Light:

LED RopeFx

Are you looking for some great accent lighting and don’t want to be bothered with heavy cords and fixtures? Then we have the answer for you... LED RopeFx rope light. You can install RopeFx rope light indoors or outdoors just about anywhere you can imagine. You can use rope lights along mantles and shelves, around bookcases, around or inside cabinets, around doors and windows, along the edge of a ceiling or to light up staircases or individual steps. Outdoors, rope lights are beautiful around decks and deck railings, along paths, as safety lighting for steps, or as architectural or landscaping lighting in any of a variety of areas.

LED SlimFlex

IlluminFx's new LED Slim Flex is a perfect choice for those needing a high powered LED system that is simple to install and easy to fit into those hard to access areas. The Slim Flex can be bent into practically any area that one could put a piece of tape. Can be used in a variety of applications, such as under railings, steps, coping, counters, or any area where traditional lighting fixtures just won't fit. Its thin profile makes it nearly invisible, leaving you with a strip of beautiful LED light. The full color changing RGB version can be used with IlluminFx Rio control system to achieve nearly unlimited color options.

LED Taurus Modules

The TAURUS LED Module is a family of outdoor lighting strips engineered for beautiful high brightness illumination. The high output SMD LEDs provide a wide beam angle with no shadow a fantastic brightness conformity. Available in either the single color, IP67 Apollo Series or RGB color changing IP65 Helios Series.

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