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Copernicia fallaensis 3
Copernicia fallaensis 3

Copernicia fallaensis   
(Falla Palm)
(Giant Yarey Palm)
(Yarey Macho Palm)
(Copernicia Palm)
USDA Zone: 10A – 11
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Origin: Cuba
Type: Large Palm

Typical Height: 30’-40’
(10.0 – 15.0mts)
Typical Spread: 12’-14’
(3.6 – 4.2mts)
Trunk diameter: 18”-24”
(0.45 – 0.60mts)

Growth: Slow
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt Tolerance: Low
Wind Tolerance: High
Foliage Color: Blue-Green
Flower Color: Ivory
Flowering Season: Spring
Feature Flower: Insignificant
Light Needs: High
Nutritional Needs: Low
Human Hazards: Spiny
Family: Arecacea / Palmae
Propagation: Seeds
Leaf Type: Simple; Pinnately lobed
Texture: Very coarse
Environmental Issues: None

Typical sizes at the nursery:
15 G (4’-6’OA) 
FG (10’-12’ OA)
(3.6 – 6.0mts)

Typical planting distance:
12'-15' O.C.
(3.6 – 4.5mts)

Common Uses: Median, Parks, Residence, Driveways, Specimen, Boulevards, Parking lot, Boulevards, Residence, Stately palm
Category: Large Palm

Notes: Copernicia fallaensis has the largest dimensions of any species in the genus. It is surely one of the most stately of all palms.

+ In this Photo:
Copernicia fallaensis   
(Falla Palm)
Leaves close-up

All sizes are approximates
Photo taken by:
All Landscape Data, Inc.
July 2016
Key West
Florida USA

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