Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers
Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers

SEK-Surebond is a privately owned manufacturer of premium hardscape accessory products headquartered in St. Charles, IL and distributes products internationally through paver manufacturers and their dealers.  Established over 25 years ago, our high performance product line includes well-known brands such as Snap Edge, Surebond, PolySweep and Kerr Lighting.  Our products are manufactured to last well beyond industry expectations and to outperform competing brands.

3925 Stern Avenue
St. Charles, IL  60174

Product Name: Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers – Water Based

Product Description:  Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers, SB-1300, SB-7000 and SB-7700, are water-based, single component, epoxy-modified sealers and joint sand stabilizers.  They can be used inside and outside, on old and new pavements, sealing the surface and stabilizing joint sand at the same time.  SB-1300, SB-7000 and SB-7700 will protect the surface from salt, acid and corrosives plus provide stain resistance.  They will protect the substrate color form UV light and the sealer will not yellow from the sun.  Joint stabilization will reduce sand washout, weeds and insect infestation.  They can be applied immediately after paver installation, as they are breathable and will not trap the naturally occurring efflorescence.  This breathability feature also decreases freeze thaw damage and improves surface durability and ease of maintenance.  SB-1300, SB-7000 and SB-7700 are solvent free and exceed all VOC and EPA standards. 

VOC CONTENT:  Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers are milky white when applied and dry clear.  Depending on the substrate and once dried, SB-1300 will have a matte finish or satin sheen, SB7000 and SB7700 will have a satin sheen to a semi-gloss finish.  SB-7700 contains an antifungal that helps prevent moss, fungi and moss growth. 

USES:  Residential and Commercial projects (past projects:  Disneyland, US Capitol Building, America’s Cup Waterfront - Australia, Fashion Island Mall - California, etc.) . Interlocking concrete, clay and natural stone paving.  Concrete, masonry, natural and manufactured stone, porous or unglazed tile and terrazzo.  Not recommended for granite, marble, asphalt, glazed or ceramic tile. 

Packaging:  gallon containers, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes

Link to Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers Specification and Technical Information: 

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