Industrial Fencing
Industrial Fencing

Ameristar Fence Products
Is the largest ornamental fence manufacturer in the word.
1555 N. Mingo Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74116
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Montage II®Industrial & High Security Ornamental Steel Fence
For industrial fence and high security projects, Montage II is the preferred choice among fence specifiers. The Montage II ornamental steel fence panel is made up of heavy 1” x 14ga. pickets & 1 ¾” x 12ga. rails that are welded using state-of-the-art fusion technology.

Montage Industrial®Ornamental Steel Fence
The Montage Industrial ornamental steel fence is a lighter alternative to the heavy industrial fencing used for specified projects. Montage Industrial’s welded 1” picket, 1 ¾” rail of the fence panel and 2 1/2” posts provides this ornamental fence a robust security profile.

Aegis II®Industrial & High Security Ornamental Steel Fence
The Aegis II industrial steel fence panels consist of 1” x 14ga. pickets and a unique double wall rail that is 1 ¾” x 14ga. The ForeRunner rail design allows the Aegis II to be more flexible than typical decorative fencing.

Echelon II®Industrial Ornamental Aluminum Fence
Ornamental aluminum fencing has been redefined with the introduction of the Echelon II industrial aluminum fence system. This fence is the strongest and most durable aluminum fence available in the industry.

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