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Limestone: Sutton Brick and Stone is proud to share our Exotic Seas Limestone collection, offering some of the most unique colors available in natural stone. This collection is a great all purpose material, its strength allows it to be used for paving purposes. Our Emerald coast limestone is a one of a kind green stone. Stonehenge Bronze limestone is an exclusively gold colored limestone. The Sunlit coast limestone is the Emerald coast with up to 50% veining of Stonehenge Bronze. The collection also includes an impressive gray stone, we call Oyster Bay, this is a dense gray limestone with shells throughout.

Sunlit Coast
Oyster Bay
Emerald Coast
Stonehenge Bronze

Sutton Brick and Stone Inc. is South Florida’s leader in high quality natural stone and clay brick pavers. Since 2001, our family run business has specialized in bringing a unique variety of world’s best natural stone into the South Florida market. Popular materials include: Coral stones, Limestone, Granite Cobblestone, Clay brick, and other natural materials. Our ability to source material of any color and size sets us apart from the competition.

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