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TimberWood Custom with Side Mount Fixture and Metal Base

TimberWood Architectural Lighting Standards:
TimberWood Poles provide the perfect asset to any setting.  If your project calls for outstanding aesthetics or a lighting structure that blends right in, TimberWood has the product to suit your needs.  We offer dependable, natural, engineered poles, cross arms and bollards in a complete package with hardware and accessories to completely match your design and surroundings.
TimberWood is a division of J. H. Baxter, a manufacturer of all manner of treated wood products for over 100 years.  A fourth generation Woman-Owned owned business, the TimberWood products have been a growing part of our offering for over 40 years.  Our partnership with Sternberg Lighting assures you of unsurpassed quality and dependability in your total lighting package.
You can count upon TimberWood for longevity and reliability.  All poles are built from premium Coastal Douglas Fir or Cedar, selected for its strength and treatability and laminated for consistency of properties and stability.  TimberWood is variety of standard configurations as well as custom adaptability for any environment.  
Look to us as part of your program that is a cut above ordinary metal and composite products.  With TimberWood you can be assured of natural beauty, created from a totally renewable resource to provide you the satisfaction of an adaptable, low maintenance, lighting standard that you can count on to last for years to come.

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