Crestline Brick Pavers 1
Crestline Brick Pavers 1
P.O.Box 20910
Canton, Ohio 44701-0910
Phone: 330.451.2031

In the US brick industry, The Belden Brick Company is the sixth largest (by production volume) manufacturer. Belden Brick is the largest family owned and managed brick company in the United States.

Crestline Series:
Crestline Pavers are available in 3 sizes. 2-1/4” thickness x 4” width x 8” length, 2-3/4” thickness x 4” width x 8” length, and 2-1/4” thickness x 8” width x 8” length. These bricks are available in Dutch Chamfered Edge only. 

Image #1

Product Line: Crestline Pavers
Size: 2-1/4 x 4 x 8
Color: Sandhills

Image #2

Sandhills Panel

Image #3

Rembrandt Panel

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