LED Lighting 1
LED Lighting 1

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Centauri Flood Light Series
Product Features:
IP68 waterproof standard
Aerospace structural design ensures optimal cooling
Original high-power LED CREE XP-G chips
CRI 80 high brightness
PFC values up to .99 for stable voltage output
Comes in different wattage and beam spread options

Product Info:
The Centauri flood light is a series of amazingly bright yet cost effective and beautiful LED lighting fixtures. Not only do you get the benefit of LEDs long life span, but the Centuari is also loaded with one of the brightest LEDs in the world. Up to 10,500 lumens! It is ideal for the following applications.
-Flood Lighting
-Canopy Lighting
-Security Lighting
-Sports field Lighting
-Architectural Accent Lighting
-Large Water Features
-Signage Lighting
-Billboard Illumination
-High Bay Industrial
-Food Processing
-Building Perimeter Illumination

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