Color changing LED systems
Color changing LED systems
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Ingrade Fixtures
Our LED Ingrade Fixtures are perfect for any hardscape Illumination. Great for lighting both small and large applications. illuminfx has  Ingrade fixtures to fit all job types such as building facades, large and small columns, and trees. They come with a optional PVC mounting sleeve. 50,000 hour long life LED’S. (Also available in white light-Check out the Alamo on our website!)

YOU Control the lights by using a software program (included with controller) on your  PC which you then upload to the Spectrum Select Controller. The Spectrum Select Controller will then use DMX decoders to tell the lights what you want them to do according to YOUR personal preferences or use your smart phone or tablet with a Free downloadable AP available for our (Color Select Plus Controller)!  Both of these options give you full control of your color shows for the holidays. You are limited only by your own personal creativity and imagination!

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